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You are a genius for creating magic four.. It sure is magic :) Thank you

Name: Roma Patel
London, UK

 Hi Bina

"I would like to extend a thank you to Sai Skin Care for great service and unbeatable products. The difference between Sai Skin Care and other beauty lines is the fresh ingredients and amazing service. The bath salts made my home smell wonderful and made for a very relaxing bath. I also used the hair oil, which made my hair shiny and smooth. Upon receiving the products, I had questions about how to use the products in different ways and Sai Skin Care got back to me immediately. I will definitely come back again and again for fresh, natural products made with care.

All the best to you! Thank you!

Name: Julie Tennant
Wood Columbia, MD

 The owner of SAI Skin Care is as amazing as her natural products. When I first came in for henna tattoos for my vacation, I was provided a dazzling array of designs and suggestions.

Bina is extremely humble but is blessed with many talents. Her office is surrounded by the many NATURAL skin and hair care products whose formulas have been perfected over time. One cannot help but be awed with a businesswoman who shows you the many plants and herbs she uses that are cultivated by her!

I can also attest to a couple of skincare products she recommended I use. My skin has smoothed out and is extremely soft. Because her products are natural and made and packaged by Bina, her products are also hypoallergenic. Having sensitive skin myself, I was delighted that my face didn't break out.

Not only is Bina very knowledgeable about her craft, she is also a very caring person. She treats you like royalty, no matter if a customer comes in for a simple eye threading or a half day spa treatment. I truly enjoy my experience with her and invite my friends to go as well.

Name: Kind Regards,
Priscilla Branch

I have been a customer of Bina Patel’s for the last 5 or 6 years, and since that time, as my Esthetician my face looks totally different from when I first began using her products. I was referred to Bina by a very close friend who was also utilizing her treatments for the Adult Acne.

I must say I was a bit skeptical at first, trying a home-made, naturally made product line from spices, herbs and vegetables, because I thought that I must need some form of prescription medication to prevent and remove the blemishes, break outs, pimples and uneven tone of skin. I have extremely sensitive skin; that is generally irritated by over the counter make-ups and cleaning products. The products that Bina Patel developed and sells are outstanding!! They have completely changed my face, and its elasticity, after years of my skin changing and beginning to accumulate massive breakouts and blemishes on my face. To get my skin to where it is today I had to utilize almost all of the products that have been developed by Bina.

The products that I use regularly for clearer skin have been The Magic 4 Cleanser, Chocolate Mask, Acne Mask, Neem Soap and Skin Toner. The Magic 4 Cleanser – has helped to reduce breakouts, to even out my skin tone and to tighten my skin. The Chocolate Mask has also tightened my skin and removed sun burned skin from my face, as well as removing the traces of the sunburn that discolored my face darker than my black hair color. The Neem Soap as well as the Skin Toner have also helped to prevent breakouts and remove oil from my face. All around, my life has been changed with the products and services supplied by Sai Skin Care. I will never use any other products besides Bina Patel’s because they do not work nor match up to the products produced by Bina. I will also never allow another Esthetician to complete any treatments on my face besides Bina Patel.

NAME: Renee Saylor

 I have been using this soap as a face wash for several months and it has to be one of the best products for acne I’ve purchased. I’ve tried Neutrogena, Pro Active, and a few other name brands, but none of them have worked; my skin would never respond to those treatments but this soap really changed everything. I now have clear skin due to regular use of this product. I highly recommend it. I was a bit wary of using a homemade product, but I tried it out. After a few days everything started to clear up. The only negative side of this soap is that it can feel slightly abrasive at first, but that sensation goes away after a few uses.

NAME: Sharan (Virginia)

 Acne has been a problem for me for many years, and doctor prescribed products have not seemed to work effectively. I decided to try using herbal products and I came across Sai Skin Care. I used the Acne Mask, the Chocolate Mocha Face Mask, as well as the Acne Soap. I had large amounts of acne on my cheeks and also my back. I took a shower everyday using the soap and within a matter of a month, the acne on my back disappeared. The painful red bumps were gone and my skin became softer. I used the Acne Mask 5 times a week and within 2 to 3 weeks, my acne became mild and the whiteheads stopped appearing; due to the results I didn't need to use the mask too often. I needed a product to lessen the appearance of red scars left from my previous acne. The Chocolate Mocha Face Mask helped to make the marks less visible. My skin doesn't feel bumpy and rough and I don't have outrageous outbreaks of acne anymore. I still use the two masks and my face looks better than ever before. My skin feels softer, has been clearing up, and its scars are barely visible.

NAME: Vidhi Patel (New Jersey)

 I'm using Magic 4, Youth Serum, Eye Serum, Night Victory, Nature Touch Body Salve and Polisher (scrub) Bar regularly. According to me these all products works better than any other market product.

Name: Sejal, MO


I've been using Sai Skin Care for 2 years. My first purchases were the Bath soak and the Lotion. I tried the Sweet Honeysuckle, the Sweet Patchouli, and then found my favorite Wake Me Up. I love the scent and how well it moisturizes my skin. So every 2 months I buy more.

I also recommend the foot products - Foot Salve and Menthol Rub. The winter is usually hard for me because I always ended up cracked heels no matter what product I tried. The Foot Salve, Menthol Rub, and Scented candle all keep my feet moisturized throughout the year.

The most surprising product are the candles. It's in my favorite fragrance - Wake Me Up. I use the candle as a fragrance for my home, and a night time treatment for my hands and feet. It really is the best.

I recommend Sia Skin Care. Who needs Bath and Body Works or the Body Shop when you have Sia Skin Care.

Falls Church, VA

 I purchased several products from SAI, and was personally serviced by Bina. Bina is a very dedicated woman with a deep caring of her products and her customers. She has personally kept in contact with me, always wanting to know my satisfaction with her products. Her products are unique and wonderful. My favorite scent is the 'Wake Me Up" which is fresh and invigorating. I keep a bottle of the lotion at my work desk and enjoy using it especially in the afternoon for a natural lift. I will continue to purchase SAI's products for many years to come!

Kathy Pass Pereira, Woodbridge. VA

 I've been struggling with acne since I hit adolescence 25 years ago. I tried every medication available. I tried every cleanser. It was only when I started using Sai Skin Care products six years ago that I started to see a difference. My skin is never too dry or oily. Breakouts are infrequent. And when I do get a breakout, it clears up quickly. Sai Skin Care products are the best thing that's ever happened to my skin.

Joanna Roufa Welch, MD

 Just wanted to let you know that your Youth in a Bottle oil is one of the best products I have ever used. It makes my face so soft and smooth and people tell me that I look years younger than I am.

Regards, Zelena, VA

 How delighted I have been with your distinct skin care products. I have been using the round rose shaped soap on my hair and have seen a change as to my hair texture and also am not losing hair as I had been with all of the commercial products I had been using. I love the natural scents especially the subtle combination of those vitamin E beads in the body lotion my husband had bought. The candles are delicious in the waff's of scent flowing through my bathroom. I have gifted several of our purchases to my sister in law and also gave her the round bar shampoo as she has the same difficulty of hair loss from store shampoo's. I am so pleased to have found your product line and look fore-ward to trying everything in your line-up and have raved to friends as to the inventive skin care line you created.

All the best.
Susan Singh

 I am so glad to have had the pleasure to meet you at the Northern Virginia Christmas Market on Saturday.

I purchased the Dhyana and the body salve.
I am so happy with these products!
Thank you so much for introducing me to your products.
I really enjoyed talking with you.